The Babbi view of Wafer

If Wafer Babbi is today considered a typical Made in Romagna Confectionery Specialty and a synonym of refined culinary pleasure, it is all thanks to Grandfather Attilio who, since the beginning, created high quality and unique products that made Babbi different from the mass market products.


The Viennese is the flagship of the Confectionery Specialties made in Babbi: a thin layer of dark chocolate with a heart of fine cream-filled wafer.
Like in a waltz, the chocolate’s notes merge with the wafer’s grace and create a perfect harmony: the harmony of senses and of Babbi taste.


Babbi Spreads, in several flavours, are perfect on bread slices and ideal for filling or decorating desserts.

Ingredients for Gelato

Selected raw materials, premium ingredients, artisanal processing and a natural passion gave birth to a unique line of Ingredients for Gelato, where tradition and innovation coexist.

Cones and Wafers

Babbi has always been a synonym for high-quality and extremely fragrant Cones and Wafers.
Babbi gives a huge importance to the production of Cones and Wafers since they are considered as the jewels that complete a good Gelato.