Artisan Gelato Course

Level I

Who it is for
The course is aimed at aspiring businessmen and professionals who wish to have a complete view of activities relating to the world of Artisan Gelato.


Training Objectives 
The course in Artisan Gelato level I is the initial fundamental step to start a training programme that begins with knowing the production procedures and raw materials, and ends with strategic design and concept design.


Also for you…

  • 1 BABBI Apron
  • 1 BABBI Pastry chef jacket


  • Introduction to gelato
  • Management of raw materials
  • Use of equipment
  • Preparation methods
  • Production of basic milk mixtures
  • Production of fruit sorbets
  • Management of window display: the importance of service
  • Self-check plan (HACCP)
  • Creating the Single Card of ingredients and allergens
  • Cost Analysis and outlines of management control
  • Business strategies: the “concept”

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