Artisan Gelato Course – Online 🇬🇧

Level I

Who is it addressed to?

The course is aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals who want to get an overview of the activities related to the world of Artisan Gelato.


Course objectives

The Artisan Gelato Course is the fundamental step to undertake a training path that starts from the knowledge of the production procedures, the raw materials, up to the basics of the recipe balancing.


1. Introduction to Artisan Italian Gelato Style
2. Ingredients and Raw Materials
3. Laboratory and Machinery
4. Milk-based Gelato
5. Preparation methods (traditional and combined)
6. The Production
7. Fruit Sorbets
8. Intolerances and Allergies


Teacher: Samuele Vecchi


The registration fee includes:

  • Pdf manual (in English)
  • Certificate of attendance


The payment can be carried out via Credit Card, Paypal, Wire Transfer.
If you pay via Credit Card or PayPal, you will immediately access the course in your reserved area.
If you pay via wire transfer, you will access the course only upon receival of the paymeny.
The registration fee is not refundable.


* A charge of 22% VAT will be added to all payments carried out by both physical person or legal entity living in Italy, EU, Extra EU (according to official EU website