Let’s reopen! (but safely)


  • Use CLEAR INDICATIONS to inform clients about behavioral rules provided by your country arrangements
  • AVOID mass gatherings
  • Support the wait with an ASSISTANT or with a queue ticket dispenser
  • If possibile, create a MANDATORY ROUTE from entrance to exit
  • Make sure that your customers are equipped with their own MASK or provide them with a SINGLE USE ONE
  • Provide SANITIZING GEL for the hands and possibly DISPOSABLE GLOVES


INSIDE the shop:

  • SANITIZE the most used surfaces (tables, chairs, counter, touch devices, etc) whenever you can and after use
  • Toilets must be sanitized more frequently
  • Ensure that people are 1 meter away from each other in consumption areas
  • Make DISPOSABLE ACCESSORIES available on the counter (scoops, spoons, wipes, etc.)


OUTSIDE the shop and Common Areas:

  • DELIMIT the spaces with appropriate SIGNAGE and / or POSTERS
  • DISTANCE the tables ensuring the respect of your country arrangements
  • Provide sanitizing gels, disposable masks and gloves.
  • SANITIZE THE TABLES every time after use by customers
  • Encourage ordering through handheld devices, QR code, etc