New Ingredients 2024

Have a look to Babbi new Ingredients for the Gelato, Pastry and Restaurant world:

      • Pronto Mousse B-Free (cod. 14929): Complete mix for making mousses/Bavarian creams/panna cotta and other cold pastry preparations with no added sugar. The product can be used in the same proportions as Pronto Mousse. The flavouring is delicate cream.
      • Neutro 10 a freddo (cod. 14858): Pure neutral with totally active and functional “cold” ingredients. Excellent emulsifying capacity. Contains fibres. No flavourings.
      • Pasta Mastic (cod. 1230132): A low dosage paste for flavouring ice cream and pastry preparations with the typical fragrant notes of resin from the Lentisk plant harvested on Chios island (Greece). It contains the natural essence of Mastic.
      • Pasta Dulce de Leche Extra (cod. 1230138): Concentrated paste that can be used to make ice cream and pastry preparations with Dulce de Leche flavour. Contains natural flavourings and concentrated milk.
      • Golosa Caramello salato (cod. 1230143): New salted caramel-flavoured golosa cream. Soft and creamy, it contains salted caramel butter and natural flavourings. Contains no colouring agents.
      • Variegato Caramel & Pecan (cod. 1230142): Salted caramel butter ripple sauce with salted praline pecans and pure salted caramel crystals.
      • Pasta Gelso Nero (cod. 12673): Concentrated flavouring paste for making black mulberry flavoured ice cream and slushies. Contains 30% fruit.
      • Faricream Cioccolato al Latte (cod. 1230141): Latest addition to the Babbi Farcicream family: Farcicream are smooth anhydrous creams designed by Babbi’s experience in the world of pastry and beyond. Velvety and firm, they have the perfect structure to be used as filling for bakery products, cakes, modern tarts, viennoiserie and creamy fillings for chocolates, pralines and many other delicious pastry preparations. Exquisite ingredients for a surprising result.