New Ingredients 2022

Have a look to Babbi new Ingredients for the Gelato, Pastry and Restaurant world: new bases, Golosa, ripple sauces and a special Waferini Romagna Kit to celebrate Babbi 70th anniversary!

      • KIT WAFERINI ROMAGNA (cod. art. 1280106): For the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Babbi company, we decided to transform our tradition into Gelato by creating the Waferini Romagna Kit composed of the Pasta Waferini Vaniglia and the Variegato Waferini Nocciola (Ripple Sauce), to give life to a Gelato with the flavour of Babbi’s inimitable Waferini Romagna. Find out more!


      • BASE LATTE B-FREE (cod. art. 14853): Complete base to make cream-flavored gelato with NO ADDED SUGAR. The product can be used with both the hot and cold method. NO FLAVOURINGS.


      • BASE FRUTTA B-FREE (cod. art. 14854): Complete base to make fruit sorbets with NO ADDED SUGAR. The product can be used with both the hot and cold method. NO FLAVOURINGS.


      • LATTELATTE YOGURT B-FREE (cod. art. 1470179): Complete product to make yogurt-flavored gelato WITH NO ADDED SUGAR. Perfect for both traditional gelato and for SOFT SERVE MACHINES.


      • FRUTTAFRUTTA MATCHA B-FREE (cod. art. 11607): Complete product to make traditional Matcha green tea-flavored sorbet WITH NO ADDED SUGAR.  Perfect for both traditional gelato and for Soft serve machines. NO FLAVOURINGS.


      • GOLOSA PEANUT BUTTER B-FREE (cod. art. 1280104): Peanut butter -flavored variegate with the same characteristics of the other Golose, but with NO ADDED SUGAR. It can be used as a variegate and as a stratification for «Cremino», it can also be batch-freezed with only the addition of milk or used in pastry and bakery preparations.


      • PASTA MALAGA (cod. art. 1230119): Smooth paste (no raisins compared to the previous version) to make traditional Malaga-flavored gelato. Alcoholic notes of MARSALA WINE, yellow/beige color


      • VARIEGATO UVETTA (cod. art. 14846): Variegate enriched by the presence of large-sized SULTANAS (golden raisins) and strong alcoholic notes. Perfect to variegate gelato made with Pasta Malaga Babbi or for other imaginative creations.


      • VARIEGATO PRUGNA CARAMELLATA (cod. art. 1010177): New CARAMELIZED PLUMS variegate that joins the iconic CARAMELIZED FIGS variegate, of which it has the same production process with flame caramelization. NO FLAVOURINGS.


      • PASTA TIRAMISÙ (Alcohol free) (cod. art. 1230120): A new Tiramisù paste that joins the previous Tiramisù Special paste, but without alcohol and with a different flavoring.


      • BASE COMPLETA LATTE 330 C/F (cod. art. 14852): Complete base to be worked with only addition of water, with optimal performances also when used in cold process. Evolution of formulation, which takes the place of the previous version. NO FLAVOURINGS.


      • CRUMBLE BURRO, CACAO E CARAMELLO (cod. art. 1300112/111/110): GLUTEN-FREE crunchy shortbread granules to give crunchiness and chewiness to gelato and pastry preparations. The texture remains unchanged for a long time thanks to the presence of butter and NON-HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE FATS. Available in: BUTTER (1.30.0112), COCOA (1.30.0111) and CARAMEL (1.30.0110) flavor.