New Ingredients 2021

Have a look to Babbi new Ingredients for the Gelato, Pastry and Restaurant world: Pistachio, Hazelnut Paste, Chocolate selection, Golose, FruttaFrutta, Bases and Wafer Cones!

  • PASTA PISTACCHIO VERDE DI BRONTE DOP (cod. art. 1230101): Thanks to the experience in nuts processing, we have selected the best Pistacchio Verde di Bronte claiming Babbi quality guarantee. Aromatic, sweet and lasting, it is available in the natural version without colouring. Find out more


  • PASTA NOCCIOLA 100% DE LUXE SCURA (cod. art. 1230109): Italian Hazelnuts, as per Babbi tradition, deep roasting and a long refining process, for a pure paste characterized by a unique colour and aroma.
    This paste finds application both in gelato and pastry and has a strong flavour with long-lasting roasting notes. Find out more


  • ARMONIA ECUADOR Y SANTO DOMINGO (cod. art. 14849): We have widened the line of Babbi Chocolate Gelato with a product born from the sensory research on the origins of cocoa beans. Not a single origin, but two different ones: the fine chocolate from Ecuador meets the exquisite Dominican Cocoa in a unique harmony of floral aroma, acidity and fruity fragrance.Find out more


  • GOLOSA KROK CIOCCOLATO AL LATTE (cod. art. 1230110): A contrast between sweet and salt, delicate and intense, crunchy and smooth. The new Golosa Cioccolato Latte is a perfect mix between milk chocolate and salty caramelized peanut grain. Find out more


  • FRUTTAFRUTTA LIMONE CON PEZZI (cod. art. 11606): New recipe without vegetable fats, with lemon essential oil, and finely grated lemon peel for a fresh and pleasant result. Find out more


  • BASE BABBI 250 C/F LACTOSE FREE (cod. art. 14848): High dosage base for the preparation of artisan lactose-free gelato with a delicate natural aroma of milk. It allows to have an high digestible and light gelato, without renouncing to all the characteristics of traditional artisan gelato. Suitable both for hot and cold process, with the only addition of water and
    sugar. Find out more


  • BASE NOVOGLEL BABBI 75 (cod. art. 14846): Low dosage base both versatile with scoop and with spatula. Flavouring-free and simple recipe making, with base Novogel Babbi 75 is possible to obtain a traditional artisan gelato with modern characteristics in term of clean mouthfeel and of stability in every condition. Both suitable for cold and hot process. Find out more


  • BICCHIERE IN CIALDA (cod. art. 1010177 BICCHIERE IN CIALDA PICCOLO – 1010178 BICCHIERE IN CIALDA MEDIO): Latest product in Babbi wafer cones: the wafer cup. The perfect gelato serving container that enriches the experience with a crunchy feeling that makes it even more delicious. Available in small and medium size. Find out more