take away

The art of Take Away in the world of Gelato

Basic steps for take away service:

  1. Safety in the preparation phase

    • Do an extraordinary sanitization of the rooms and workstations at least twice a day
    • Always make masks, gloves, soaps and sanitizers available for your personal use
    • Respect good hygiene practices (GHP)
    • Remember to update the HACCP manual



  1. Safety in the orders

    • Try to encourage online order and contactless payment




  1. Safety in the sales area

    • Sales assigned places must always be clean and sanitized. Try to ventilate the rooms frequently
    • All staff must wear masks and gloves
    • The most touched surfaces, such as handles, refrigerated cabinets, keyboards / touchscreens, scales, POS terminals need to be sanitized


  1. Safety during the pick up time

    • Organize and promote collection by the customer in an agreed time slot
    • Arrange adequate signs to help customers maintain safety rules (respect for interpersonal distances, designated routes, etc.)
    • Organize access to the sales area so that the correct individual distancing is respected and there is an orderly flow of customers. If necessary, make fix numbered and staggered entries to respect the minimum distances. You can help yourself with queue ticket dispensers, horizontal signs, etc. If the room allows it you can create mandatory entry and exit routes
    • At the entrance to the sales area, prepare clear instructions on the behavior the customer must keep inside and make hand spray or sanitizing gel available to your customers
    • Try to use disposable and sealed containers and materials wherever possible
    • Remind your customers that it is forbidden to consume inside or near your shop.


These are some suggestions elaborated by our team, always remember to consult and respect your country arrangements.