Babbi Dolce Pizza

A dessert with a well-rounded flavor

in collaboration with NIPFood – NAZIONALE ITALIANA PIZZAIOLI


Babbi Dolce Pizza was born in collaboration with NIPFood, from the recipes of Dovilio Nardi and Gianni Babbi, to enhance Italian History, Culture and Gastronomy in the World and it is a project that gives life to a new way of preparing desserts which combines Pizzeria and Pastry techniques: Pastizzeria!


Cake and Pizza

A Thousand-Year-Old Story…


The word Cake derives from the Latin «tōrta da tortus» (twisted, round); with the meaning of «flat and round bread». The first cakes were made in the medieval era, flat like pressed bread sweetened with honey, dried fruit and ginger sometimes.

The word Pizza derives from Greek (pitta), «focaccia bread» focacius. In Latin “focus” means cooked in the fireplace. In the 16th century it referred to a “flattened bread“.

Ancient cakes were born with a round shape because they were meant to be bread whose dough was given a rounded shape and sank during the cooking process, becoming round and flat.

The «Round Pizza-Cakes» were donated to deities to represent the life cycles: The Moon and the Sun. Then, with time, they became to be used to celebrate birthdays.

Pizza is therefore a «Squashed cake!»


Dolci Pizze

Some of our delicious specialties


Dolce Pizza Margherita



Variegato cranberry, ricotta cream, black cherries, Alchermes, fresh mint leaves






     Dolce Pizza Quattro Stagioni

Quattro Stagioni

Hazelnut cream, Gianduia cream, Pistachio cream, Strawberry topping, Black cherry topping,

Pistachio grains, cocoa crumble, sugared peanuts, Baby cialda cones, whipped cream, chocolate chips









Custard cream, Coffee topping, Gianduia cream, Wafer cup, Chocolate chips





Training courses and advertising materials


Thanks to a busy schedule of courses organized throughout Italy, interested pizza chefs can learn the Dolce Pizza production techniques and will have access to an exclusive kit of communication material consisting of:

  • Postcards Menu to offer to your customers
  • Plexiglass plaque and window sticker that you can display in your restaurant
  • Branded disposable cutlery napkin




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