Ambassadors of Taste


In a modern era where physical and cultural distances are narrowing, Babbi has decided to tell the stories of its Ambassadors of Taste who travel the world every day in search of new flavours, aromas, and ingredients to create innovative recipes and exotic tastes.

In addition to producing ingredients and raw materials for gelato and pastry chefs, Babbi also acts as a reliable partner to innovate and enrich the offerings and know-how of its customers thanks to the field experience and passion of its team of demonstration technicians, the Babbi Taste Ambassadors.

This research has given rise to a collection of original and exotic ideas entitled “Around the World“, a testament to the variety of tastes and proposals that the company offers to its customers.

Like Baklava, a journey through the history and flavors of the East, where all the nuances of pistachio sweetness intertwine with a delicate note of rose essence. Or the Mango Lassi, an enticing Indian-inspired proposal where the scent of Alphonso mango blends perfectly with the savory acidity of salted yogurt. Or even the Autumn Dream, a taste experience where the sweet nuances of maple syrup meet salted caramel, praline pecan nuts and salted caramel butter crystals, giving life to an intense and enveloping dream.