perché mangiare pistacchio fa bene


Everyone loves it, everyone wants it, and it is good for one’s health: Pistachio!

10 good reasons for including Pistachio in our diet:

  1. Pistachio is an important source of mineral salts including calcium, iron and magnesium
  2. Pistachio nuts are rich in vegetable fibres and monosaturated fats which help the body to function correctly
  3. They contain the body’s required amounts of beneficial fatty acids and vegetable-origin proteins
  4. Pistachios are an important source of anti-oxidants
  5. Consumption of pistachios – and nuts in general – contributes to reducing LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol!)  and increasing HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol!) thus reducing the risk of cardio-vascular disease
  6. Pistachios are rich in Vitamin E and protect against the assault of free radicals
  7. A (moderate) consumption of pistachios in a balanced diet helps in preventing obesity
  8. Thanks to their folic acid content,  pistachios are an excellent source of Vitamin B group
  9. Pistachios contain an important amount of phosphorous
  10. They protect the eyesight due to two carotenoids: lutein and zeaxanthin

Discover all the Babbi pastry products with a Pistachio base:

  • Spreading Creams
  • Babbini
  • Waferini and Gran Waferini
  • Bon Bon
  • Cremini
  • DolciTorte

and all the Ice-Cream Ingredients in Powders, Pastes and Granulates.