Giuseppe Morabito

A Babbi trainer and instructor since 2012, he is renowned for his great skills in making amazing monumental cakes, pies and semifreddos, but also for the simplicity with which he teaches gelato techniques to new and experienced professionals.

Giuseppe Morabito joined the family gelateria and pastry laboratory in 1990, in Paternò (CT), starting off as an “apprentice” and progressing through all the experiences, but immediately realized that the more time passed, the more he fell in love with his work.

His curiosity in wanting to know all the techniques used in the laboratory led him to increase his professional skills by working in other activities and also thanks to the training courses he attended in those years. He then moved to Catania to work in the laboratories of the most famous pastry shops / gelaterie, participating in and winning several pastry and gelato competitions.