English Gelato Course 🇬🇧

Who is Addressed To?

All people who are already in gelato business and want to improve their knowledge according to a fast-changing market, upgrading the quality of gelato and product assortment.

Course Objectives

The customer satisfaction, the quality of the real Gelato and the product differentiation will be the aim of the Professional Course. The course will bring you into a full view of the technical aspect of the ingredients to create your own gelato according to the needs. The correct balancing, the properties of gelato and sorbets, the healthy claim of the product, the different process and the selling aspect will give you a not conventional point of view.

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  • Quality of the raw materials
  • Classification and role in the Artisanal Gelato Properties of the traditional and modern sugars
  • Functional ingredients
  • Correct balancing: a step by step approach Milk-based Gelato and Sorbets
  • Alchoolic sorbet
  • Savory gelato Health aspect; intolerances and allergies, Vegan, hypoglycemic gelato
  • Evaluation of the gelato
  • Introduction to the Sensory Analysis Use of spices and infusions
  • Full overview of the different production methods
  • Correct management of the gelato Calculation of the food cost

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