Gelato 360° Course

Who it is for
This course is for artisans and businessmen who wish to give an original touch to their gelato production, throughout effective and ingenious techniques.


Training Objectives 
The Gelato 360° course aims to offer some ideas on how to use gelato in order to expand the offer and increase the value of the product.


Also for you…

  • 1 BABBI Apron
  • 1 BABBI Pastry chef jacket


  • Gourmet productions:
    • Gourmet gelato and sorbets
    • Plating and combinations
    • Spices and salt in gelato
  • Soft gelato and frozen yogurt: delicious ideas
  • Gelato cakes:
    • Preparation techniques
    • Icing and decoration
  • Popsicles, fruit and crunchy coverings
  • Sicilian Granita crushed ice
  • Truffles and Bonbon gelato
  • Iced drinks e coktail gelato
  • Milkshakes and smoothies

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