Cold Pastry Course 🇮🇹

Level II

Who it is for
The course is for professionals who wish to develop the skills in the creation of modern cakes and artistic decorations.


Training Objectives 
The Cold Pastries Level II course offers the theoretical and practical instruments for designing and producing all the elements that comprise the creation of cakes and sweets including the most avant-garde decorating techniques (working with chocolate and isomalt sugar).


Also for you…

  • 1 BABBI Apron
  • 1 BABBI Pastry chef jacket


  • Optimum balancing of semifreddo and mousse
  • Personalized recipes and modern combinations
  • Creation of sponge cake and crunchy bases
  • Plated sweets
  • Traditional dessert
  • Creation of LACTOSE FREE semifreddo and VEGAN OK certified
  • Advanced decorating techniques
  • Tempering of chocolate
  • Working with isomalt sugar
  • Artistic glazing

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