Artisan Gelato Course

Level II

Who it is for
The course is aimed at professionals who wish to improve their skills relating to the invention, balancing and creation of customized recipes using any kind of ingredient.
To register, it is necessary to have participated in Artisan Gelato level I or have experience in the sector.


Training Objectives 
The Artisan Gelato level II course aims at increasing the knowledge of traditional and modern raw materials, exploring the balancing techniques, adapting them to the result that must be obtained.  There will be the creation of products able to satisfy the needs of various types of customer.  Lastly, there will be the study of “product oriented” communications techniques.


Also for you…

  • 1 BABBI Polo Shirt
  • 1 BABBI Apron


  • Analysis of raw materials
  • Basics of balancing and advanced techniques
  • Production of traditional gelato
  • Production of VEGAN OK certified gelato
  • Production of gelato with low glycemic index
  • Sorbets with high fruit content
  • Cocktail sorbets
  • Gourmet Gelato
  • Sensory analysis of products
  • Spices and their use
  • Gelato cakes and gelato sticks
  • Health: allergies and intolerances
  • Management and solution of problems concerning sales
  • A “product-oriented” communication